Monday, September 15, 2008

The Last Hurrah

My mid September garden glows with the deepening hues caused by a few early morning frosts. The hydrangea have turned a blushing warm rose.
Daylily Baby Valentine is one of the last daylilies to bloom in the garden.
Liatris has mostly gone to seed with the exception of a few stray blooms.
The obedient plant has been frolicking in the wind today~ it was hard to get a shot in focus.
Weigela is reblooming although not as profusely as in the spring.
This white phlox has just begun to bloom.
Deep purple buds of Actaea simplex~ Hillside Black Beauty, add to the intense fall palette.
Wild aster always shows up in the garden.
The last of the sunflower bloom is an interesting sight with it's large geometric form.
Other sunflowers have yet to come into their prime.

Today is Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. If you'd like to participate, Visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens. There you will find gardeners from all over the world posting what's currently growing in their gardens.


Carol said...

The last hurrah? Yes, I guess is is, even though I don't want it to be!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Chey

ChrisND said...

Yes, the season is changing very fast from this point - though we will get an 80F day today? Love the last sunflower shot. I will try to harvest some of ours later...and then leave some for the birds.

jodi said...

You've had frosts already? None here --maybe the fog is keeping them at bay. Though I had the wood stove on today to take the damp off, so we know it's just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are gorgeous as are your flowers! I love the hydrangea, daylily and obedient plant. I grow them here, but they aren't as prolific as yours appear to be. Oh - and to get to witness the gradual changing of the colors! We don't get colorful falls here in Texas; I've visited and seen it a couple of times, but I envy your time spent in the autumn brisk weather and dramatic colors. thanks for the lovely post, I enjoyed it.