Monday, February 7, 2011

Daylilies Are Our Passion

Here are a few of our seedlings from 2010.See His Glory x Fluff And Stuff
Winter Memories x Puffer Fish
Bordello Queen x Bass Gibson

Daylilies are our passion, and new daylily seedlings in the garden are our pride and joy. The feeling of anticipation when awaiting the opening of the fat daylily bud for the first time never gets old. Every day during daylily season there is always something new to see. How fortunate we are to have such a glorious passion!!!:)


Landscaping Minnesota said...

Nice flowers...i really like that. thanks for the posting.

Petellgra said...

Really nice, love the textures.Beautiful flowers.

Gardens at Waters East said...

I recently started hybridizing daylilies. There are now more than 45o new and never before seen plants. Love the hobby though I am really very much an amateur at all of this. The ones I have at present I started from cheap plants bought at K Mart four years ago. The recent ones I hybridized are from rather expensive plants and will bloom for the first time in two more years. They should really be nice. You can see some of the first one that bloomed for the first time this past summer in my January archive on my Blog Here on Lake Michigan they grow very well. Have lots of comments about them. Have given them all away to the area county garden club so they can use them as a fund raiser. It was the "fun" of creating them that I liked. Jack

Jasmin said...

such a beautiful collection! I'm going to start with planting some as well... any advice?

Jasmin said...

such a beautiful collection!! I 'll have some in my garden as well, any advice wich ones are the best? grtz Jasmin