Monday, March 7, 2011

Monkshood~ Aconitium Napellus

monks hood
Monkshood growing in my maritime garden. Although very beautiful,this is a highly toxic perennial plant. It is extremely poisonous and should absolutely NEVER be ingested. Even a small taste can be fatal. Monkshood can also be absorbed through the skin, and so handling should be done only with gloved hands. Since discovering the highly toxic nature of this plant, I have chosen to remove it from my garden. My children and pets roam the garden, and we will not be risking any accidental poisonings.


joybelyea said...

I have had monkshood in my perenial garden for more than 40 years.I've raised 3 children and many many Siamese cats.I have never had any sort of problem with this plant.Perhaps people are being too careful.I've never geard of a poisoning attributed to it.JOY

chey said...

Monkshood is certainly a beautiful perennial. It sounds like poisoning is uncommon. However, if the plant is highly toxic, it would still present a risk if consumed. Thanks very much for your comment!

firejem said...

does anyone know where I can find monkshood, or purchase would be a beautiful addition to my property, and being my late grandmother had it all over the back of her property in Ontario