Thursday, November 3, 2011


The pumpkins were ripe for the picking several weeks age at River Breeze Farm Market in Truro Nova Scotia. The children were thoroughly entertained by all of the activities available at the farm.They have an amazing corn maze, and a pumpkin patch for picking just the right pumpkin to bring home with us. Sometimes the choice is a bit difficult:).pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
The corn maze was fabulous, and yes, we got lost. Fortunately there are large structures built throughout the maze that you can climb and regain your sense of direction:). corn field
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Carol Steel 5050 said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing them.

chey said...


The Garden Ms. S said...

Oh yes, my 4 yr old boy would have went "crazy" to see a whole patch of pumpkins. lol Lovely photos!! :)

Debra as Gardens Inspired said...

I have so enjoyed your writings this evening. It looks as though you and I have very similar interests in gardening.

I love to express myself through my gardens in Michigan's hardiness zone 5 and have been doing that now for 20 years or so. I love lilacs because they signal the true arrival of spring and adore peonies, as you seem to.

You have a new follower; I'm looking forward to reading more. I write a gardening blog as well, in case you would like to compare gardening notes with Midwest USA.

Med fingrarna i (j)orden said...

Wonderful pictures. Greetings from Sweden!

Everything Changes said...

Nice photos! Sounds like fun!

Louisette said...

wonderfull blog and great fotos, greeting from Belgium

Pak Idrus said...

Great Blog you have there. I love all those images. Thank for sharing.

Have a nic day.