Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Perfect Nesting Place

Evidence of nest making underneath the deck. We seem to have the perfect sheltered spot.

Here's the proud mother robin.

Is she responsible for all these beautiful nests? How many nests does one robin require? She is the only one I've seen at this time. Amazing.


Jane Marie said...

This is so interesting. I'd like to know if any other birds move in.

Nichole said...

That's incredible!! Have you seen any eggs yet?

Chandira said...

Wow, how cool is that?? :-)

I'm a big bird lover..

Nancy J. Bond said...

That really is cool beyond words! I wonder if she did make all those nests? If at first you don't succeed? ;) Let us know what hatches! My Mom says robins lay several batches of eggs each season -- maybe she's planning ahead. Hee!

bjb said...

Doesn't she look quite content! Great pictures. I haven't seen any nesting here in Saskatchewan...other than the crows. But it won't be long. The weather is finally cooperating...but we have had no rain to date. The forests are tinder boxes so hoping we will have some soon. Thank you for visiting my page and I appreciate the comment. Happy Spring to you!

chey said...

Jane Marie~~She's the only one so far that I've seen. I wonder if she's expecting company.I'll keep you posted.

Nichole~~Haven't seen any eggs yet. We can see down through the deck, so I'll be watching.

Chandira~~Thanks for the comment!

Nancy~~It truly is cool.There are eight complete nests all in a row, and a few more uncompleted ones further down the line.I think you're right, she's planning way ahead:).

Thanks bjb~~My photo of the robin is a little blurry, as I was trying not to disturb her too much. Would hate for her to abandon her nests.

Northern Shade said...

Those are great robin condos. Usually robins like a bit of space. I wonder if the nest maker had trouble getting it just right. Have fun watching the mom raise her babies.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I guess practice makes perfect!
That is truly a perfect robin's nesting place!

Zoƫ said...

Wonderful, we get Tits nesting, but they hide themselves away in next boxes or holes, so we don't get to see them on the nest. Lovely photographs, you must show us how they get on!

Mark said...

Hi Chey,
I think that it good of you to build such a wonderful place for your robin.
Just had a look at your day lillies, they are stunning.

Cheers Mark

LeLo in NoPo said...

What a great story....and photos!
--Lelo of

gLaDieZz said...

Well, maybe that robin wants its children to live with her! Haha.

Anonymous said...

We have a very similar deck in our backyard and every year we have birds trying to nest there too. We always try to get rid of the nests as soon as they start to build them though cause the birds always dive bomb the dog to keep him away! They're not very friendly to humans in the yard either.

Amy said...

A robin's nest! How wonderful! We have exactly the same situation with our deck (though not so many nests). Last year a flycatcher of some sort nested there. I was hoping they would come back this year but no such luck.

shirl said...

Hi there Chey :-)

Gosh that really is amazing! You need to get a camera set up to see what happens there. I will look at decking in a different way now :-D

I have a camera Nestbox with a blue tit incubating 8 eggs at the moment. What a bother she had building her nest too!

I agree nesting birds are fascinating :-D

GardenJoy4Me said...

Chey ... she is a typically picky mama .. it has to be just the right nest for the babies and herself .. so some one was VERY busy making it just right ? LOL

Steve said...

I have to believe those robins became aware of the crisis in mortgage funding. Like most of the more "natural" among us, they invested wisely! Meanwhile, we struggle.

Now, Hey!....that's just a guess! ;-)

Love your blog, Chey. Thanks for dropping by mine.

chey said...

Thank you all so much for your comments!

Northern Shade~~you may be right...if so she's been a very busy mother.

Robin~~it certainly does.Her actual nest looks to be the best out of the eight.

Zoe, Mark, and Lelo~~thanks very much!

Gladiezz~~Ah yes, preparing for future grandkids:).Hadn't thought of that.

Geekygirl~~that would not be a very pleasant experience. This little robin has not done any dive bombing thank heavens!

Amy~~Terrific! How many nests do you have, and are there more nests than birds?

Shirl~~wow, you must have a wonderful setup. That sounds very exciting!

Joy~~That's exactly what my husband said. He thought that it must have been the male robin getting it just right for her until she was satisfied with her spot, LOL:).

Steve~~ that sounds like an excellent guess:).

Blacksheep said...

Poor little fellow must be near worn out building all those 'test' nests....LOL

Karen said...

Wow what a busy little bird!

themanicgardener said...

Are all the nexts new? Very odd. Maybe this one drove others away? Or maybe she's got the welcome mat out? Makes me wish I knew more about birds--

chey said...

Blacksheep, Karen, and Kate~~Thanks for stopping by! This has been an exceptionally busy bird, or maybe... couple. Eight fully formed nests all in a row, plus remnants of other nests begun but abandoned further down the line. I've seen a robin nesting in 2 separate nests, but only ever one at a time.I'm wondering if we've got a little manic robin on our hands.