Friday, May 2, 2008

Skeletonized Magnolia Leaves

I love the look of skeletonized leaves straight out of the garden, made au naturel. The appearance of the prominent veining is beautifully lace like. Collected in the garden during spring cleanup, I had to snap some photos before adding them to the compost pile.


Philip Bewley said...

I remember first discovering a skeleton leaf leaf as a child. The wonder of it is all is taken to heights in your post.
Stunning and beautiful.
Thank you.

Helen said...

I remember years ago I bought a bookmark which was a skeletonised leaf sealed inside some sticky back plastic - maybe a side line for you!

Melanie said...

What a wonderful idea. You are right, they are just like beautiful antique lace.

Going to dig some nice yellow spidery daylilies today for our sale. I think they look smashing with black eyed susans so hopefully our customers will think so too.

chey said...

Philip~~Thanks for your wonderful comment! These leaves are quite fascinating when you look at the detail.

Helen~~Thanks for the idea! These leaves are often used for crafting and art.

Melanie~~Yellow spiders are so striking, I'm sure your customers will think so too!!

joey said...

Love that you keep your camera near ... photographers capture the most wonderous gifts of nature.

chey said...

It's an interesting thing. I look at things a little differently now. There's so much beauty all around us.

Mark said...

Hi Chey,
What a great find, it is always pleasing to see that nature does a good job all by herself in creating these wonders.
The orchard doesn't smell of blossom as of yet but it does look fantastic.

Cheers Mark

Sara said...

Great photo's. I have always loved gardening, but I find taking photo's of things causes me to see details in plants I wouldn't normally notice. I'll have to check my magnolia leaves now . Thanks,
(Your son is adorable!)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Lovely! They do, indeed, look like lace. :) I hope you enjoyed this gorgeous Sunday!

Laane said...


Why throw them on the compostheap?

You can make a lovely present from them.

Wrap a book with dark paper.
Glue them on, and put plastic foil/transparent bookfoil over it.

Have a great day!

Amy said...

These really do look like the finest, "webbiest" lace!

Esther Montgomery said...

I used to have a skeletonised leaf that was (somehow) coated with silk.

I like the unadorned ones better.

And at least you can compost your leaves - it's the uncompostable ones which are at the forefront of my mind.

I suppose I could give them to friends.

But I have more leaves than friends.

(As one does!)


Matron said...

What imaginative photos! they are really beautiful.

Dave said...

Neat photos! They remind me of fossils. I wonder if you could preserve their outline on paper by spray painting through them as if they were stencils? They may be too thin for that though.

chey said...

Mark~~nature is absolutely amazing! I'll bet your orchard smells wonderful by now:).

Sara~~ I know what you mean. Taking photos makes me look at everything with a greater appreciation.

Thanks Nancy, Amy, and Matron!

Thanks for the suggestion Laane!

Esther~~funny thing about leaves... We all seem to have more of them than friends:).

Dave~~they are rather fossil like, and I think would be strong enough to withstand a spraying. Thanks for the suggestion!