Monday, August 11, 2008

As Busy As a Bee

purple coneflowerI've been as busy as a bee.
purple coneflower
purple coneflowerThe bees and I have been sharing our space.
purple coneflower
purple coneflowerElbow to wing and wing to elbow, we have been working side by side in the garden dabbing and collecting pollen.

It has become a relationship of mutual respect.
Early in the morning the air is filled with an amazing sound of buzzing.

There are numerous types of bees in the garden. They are varied in size and color. Some are as large as a loonie~ I'm always amazed when I see these fly by. I've developed a new appreciation for bees since the news of declining bee populations. Our time together seems a little more special:).


ChrisND said...

We too have had many bees buzzing the past couple of weeks, though I haven't spotted a "loonie" sized one. A little funny to me in the whole loonie toonie thing...

You're right that there has to be a mutual respect...they are happy to leave us be when we do the same. I have even tried to rescue some from drowning in the pool and was not stung for the effort.

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

What wonderful shots of busy bees! I too have started appreciating bees more of late. We are definitely seeing them more in our garden this year. A very good sign given all the sad news of their declining numbers.