Monday, March 3, 2008

Cutleaf Japanese Maple

My Cutleaf Japanese Maple.
Cutleaf Japanese Maple growing by euonymus and hosta

This is my first Japanese Maple, planted several years ago in my zone 5 garden. After it's first winter, it stood as a single vertical stick in the garden, pointing to the sky, stripped of all it's branches, seemingly lifeless.

Normally I dig up the lifeless and put them on the compost pile. Hoping for a miracle, I decided to give this tree a little more time, until Mother's Day, just in case. On Mother's day, with shovel in hand, and ready for the inevitable, I stooped to take a closer look at the tiny burgundy buds covering the tree. Very pleasantly surprised, I realized that I had learned yet another garden lesson- Have hope, they truly may still be alive!

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