Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Touched The Titanic...

...literally! We took the family to the Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic in Halifax where they are having a sea monster display for the kids this week. Of particular interest was the Titanic display, where they have a piece of the Titanic grand staircase railing,of which you are invited to touch. The wood is ornately carved, and quite beautiful!

The Maritime Museum holds 20 artifacts from the Titanic.Another artifact of interest was the mahogany deck chair, which is one of the only intact chairs in the world, and matches those seen in Titanic photos.

The Titanic sank 700 nautical miles off the coast of Halifax.Halifax was involved in the recovery initiative, and actually holds 150 of the passengers in 3 Halifax cemeteries.


Matron said...

What fun! I am visiting Halifax this fall, I hope to visit the same museum!

chey said...

Halifax is a wonderful city. I'm sure you will really enjoy it! Cheers!