Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hosta Blooms

Many people appreciate hosta for their foliage. I love the different colors of the hostas bell shaped flowers as well, and have always valued these blooms as part of my garden display. Different types of hosta will have different shades of blooms, ranging from shades of white to shades of lavender.


Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm so pleased to find your blog! Thanks for your visit today -- it's always a pleasure to add another Bluenoser to my links! Your gardens look lovely -- won't it be nice when we can finally get IN them? :)

chey said...

Thanks so much Nancy. It won't be long now!

Catherine said...

Lovely shots~I am a hosta fanatic, I love everything about them from the foliage to the blooms~they attract butterflies & humming birds & bees..:) and are so lovely to look at! Are your hostas already blooming..? Mine are just starting to peek out of the soil! Mine don't blue til late june~july
You have a wonderful blog, so glad I found your link!
Happy Spring!

Catherine said...

P.S. I'm sorry, I was in awe of your beautiful "blue" delphiniums on your side bar and instead of writing in my first comment that my hosta's don't bloom~I wrote my hostas don't blue~oops!
Lovely blog you have!

chey said...

Thanks very much Cat! I love hosta as well, especially when different varieties are grown together in a garden displaying their contrasting textures and colors.

I'm afraid my hostas are still under snow. It's hard to resist posting blooming pictures while we wait for spring:). Cheers.

chey said...

I just read your P.S. comment Cat. It made me smile:). Thanks again for your kind comments.


Great taken. Beautiful flowers.
I like to take them too.

chey said...

ramosforest.environment...Thanks so much. You have absolutely wonderful shots on your site!