Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fools!

Instead of April showers we got April snowflakes:). I've heard these snowfalls referred to as farmer's fertilizer, so they must be be a good thing.


DeeMom said...

Beautiful flowers

Good-looking you man ;)

chey said...

Thanks very much! I think he may become a gardener someday, although he's much more interested in bugs in the garden at this point:).

Gisela said...

Thank you for your visit and comment. I love your flower pictures, just beautiful.
Your heather garden is of great interest to me. Perhaps I can ask you for advise what Heather plants to purchase and how to care for the plants? There is quite a large area in front of our house (north side) I like to create a large flowerbed with Heather, grasses, bamboo, Sedum and other plants.
Cheers from Toronto,

Vanillalotus said...

Wonderful Flowers!
At least you are looking at the bright side of those snow flakes.

chey said...

Gisela..Thanks so much for the comment.The Heather garden pictures are from my friend Jenny's garden, as well as from the Historic Gardens here in Nova Scotia.I have only a few Heathers in my own garden, but plan to do a separate garden specifically for them in the future.They are absolutely beautiful when planted together, with their different colored foliage and flowers.The plants that you plan to add to your garden sound like a wonderful combination.I grow my Heather on the southeast side of my house. Jenny's garden is in dappled sunlight. I would check to see how they would grow on the north side.

Vanillalotus..Thanks very much! Ah yes, even those snowflakes have something to offer to the garden:).