Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alas... My Garden Is Brown

weeping purple beech, budding
empty magnolia seed pod

Although, I really do like brown. Some of my favorite things are brown...chocolate, coffee, chocolate . There is a subtle stirring suggestive of spring as tiny buds on the trees start to swell, and bird sounds fill the air. It won't be long now.


Stuart said...

Hey, great photos Chey. I enjoy a little brown in the garden especially when you can contrast it against other plants. I've even been known to keep a few dead ones in situ because I thought they looked awesome against their blooming peers.

And, yup! Coffee, chocolate, coffee - in that order - and in vast quantities! lol :o)

chey said...

Hi Stuart, thanks very much! Yes, even brown can be beautiful in the garden.

I think I like your combination, chocolate, coffee, and definitely in large quantities:)!

The Gardeness said...

Brown is beautiful! And those dried up brown plants often are great sculptural elements in the garden, don't you think. Wonderful photos! Cheers.

Kylee said...

And before you know it, your garden will explode with green and color! It's happening here in Ohio right now. I love this time of year!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I hope you'll be back! :-)

chey said...

Gardeness...I agree, there certainly is a sculptural element to dried brown plants. They're neat to photograph as well.

Kylee...I'm so looking forward to that explosion of green and color!

jodi said...

I hear you...some green and colour here, but meanwhile, we can watch all those other gardeners who have plenty of colour, and we'll enjoy ours even more when things do warm up consistently.

And yes, chocolate, chocolate and coffee are good things to relieve the outdoor ennui.

chey said...

Hi Jodi, thanks for stopping by! Yes we will certainly appreciate the season when it finally bursts into bloom:).

Esther Montgomery said...

And the last of the 'Brown' pictures is a snake!

Esther Montgomery

chey said...

Esther.. I thought it looked rather serpent-like as well!