Monday, April 14, 2008


I love hydrangeas in the garden. Here are pictures of a Mother's Day Hydrangea (Hydrangea Macrophylla) that I received several years ago. I planted it in the ground after it had finished blooming, and so far it has survived several of our zone 5 winters, and blooming for the first time since planting last year with several showy blooms.


Melanie said...

Chey, what pretty Hydrangea pictures. Do you ever get pink Hydrangeas or do yours tend to turn blue?

We're pretty acidic here on Long Island so ours are all on the blue side.

jodi said...

Delicious colour, Chey. I prefer the lacecap hydrangeas in our garden, and they seem hardier too; I have Blue Billows (or is it Blue Bird? can never remember!) but also a number of other hydrangeas. The mopheads other than Endless summer are iffy for flowering, and Endless Summer has been a bit of a dud, too.

Zoƫ said...

Love the blue - so pretty. I like Hydrangeas, even though people tell e they are for Grandma!

Tsk, what do they know. Every time I visit, the hemerocallis envy gets worse!

chey said...

Hi Melanie, I've only seen shades of blue, lavender or cream in this area.I love the cream colored hydrangeas with a bit of a blush in autumn.

Jodi, you are right about the flowering on this mophead. It was probably only for a one time display, and then to be tossed, but I just couldn't bear it as it was so beautiful. There are others in the neighborhood that do reasonably well with some protection and probably some TLC.

Hey Zoe, I'm glad hydrangeas are for grandma, as someday I hope to be one:). Watch out for that hemerocallis envy, it's the first symptom of a brewing daylily addiction. Oh if someone only had warned me way back when.

Marie said...

I love the Hydrangea ( in Norway we call them Hortensia). What a beautiful blue colour!

I wish you a nice Wednesday :)

Esther Montgomery said...

I don't usually like Hydrangeas.

(Lumpy things!)

But these photos are stunning.

I'm surprised (and impressed) by the consistancy of colour.

(Hydrangeas are often blotchy as well as lumpy.)

(Actually, I like all your photos.)

Esther Montgomery


P.S. I found you through Blotanical

patientgardener said...

What a stunning blue. I seem to just get a muddy colour - obviously not got the right type of soil

chey said...

Marie and Esther...Thanks for your comments!

Patient Gardener...I get a muddy color in my magnolia blooms some years. It's not consistent each year however.Thought it might be due to the soil as well(clay).

Anonymous said...

It is lovely, and my favorite plant color!

chey said...

Thank you Gardenpath, it is mine as well!!