Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Perfect Perch

annapolis royal

annapolis royal

It's the perfect perch for a garden tour when you're feeling wary and your feet are sore:). Oh, to be young. Happy May Day!


Nancy J. Bond said...

How adorable! Happy May Day to you too, Scotia Girl. :)

Karen said...

This post brought a smile to my face! A great way to start my day. Looks like a lovely day for a walk through the garden.

Esther Montgomery said...

I used to carry a little person around like this.

On long walks, she'd fall asleep there.

When she was three years old, I got sciatica.

I think I should have stopped being a perch sooner!

Esther Montgomery

Amy said...

Ah, what a sweet little guy. I wish someone would carry me around like that sometimes :)

chey said...

Nancy and Karen~~Thanks so much!:)

Esther~~I can totally relate. A perch for a three year old is quite a feat!

Thanks Amy~~Wouldn't that be great?!