Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Garden Is Stirring.

We are far behind many in our gardening season, though the intensity of our anticipation is no less. First blooms in the garden were discovered today,and what a wondrous day it was.

A single periwinkle blossom, to be followed shortly by thousands more.

Fresh green daffodil foliage concealing swelling buds.

Sedum basking on a rock.

And the last of our sparkling snow, still 6 inches deep in some spots, but sure to melt shortly in the beautiful days ahead.


Melanie said...

Hi Chey, nice blooms today! I love the cascading sedum. Today I spent the day cutting, digging and dividing daylilies. Last night I brought a big clump to my class to show them how to divide it and one woman commented on how delicious they smelled :-) I think she's caught, hook, line and sinker!

chey said...

Thanks Melanie! It's still very early for us. The tips of my daylilies are barely visible.

Sounds like you had a busy day in the garden. And I'd say your student has definitely caught it good! Cheers!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Chey .. we are actually in a mini heat wave .. I'm not trying to make you jealous .. really I'm not ! .. your pictures are gorgeous and the snow will disappear so quickly soon ... hang in there girl !

Jean Bradbury said...

I love the snow picture. That old crusty, diamond filled stuff that lingers in the woods for weeks takes me back to Maritime memories.

chey said...

Thanks Joy..I'm hanging in! So glad to hear of your beautiful weather.I'm wishing it our way:).

Thanks know it well...sparkling diamond crusted snow, brilliant in the sunlight.

jen x said...

Love the periwinkle! Er, even if I'm not sure I can spell it :-)

chey said...

Jen x..I love the periwinkle as well, especially when it's in full bloom. It's like a carpet of tiny blue buds.