Friday, June 6, 2008

Apricot Inspiration

I find the apricot color of these two plants to be very similar and eye catching. The first is a new daylily in my garden~ Zahadoom by Patrick Stamile. It has an unusual color and is quite dramatic when seen in person. I really like the look, and will hybridize with it this year. In fact I've already dabbed some pollen on it's pistol, and am hoping for a little seed pod to form. In this photo it is missing it's stamens, which have been carefully harvested for their pollen.

In the second photo Heuchera "Peach Melba" shows off it's apricot leaves. I had purchased a similar plant several years ago which did not survive our winter. Other heucheras have done well in our garden, so I'm giving it another try.


Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

I love all the peachy heucheras. We have peach flambe. It's doing well now in its 3rd year. I've been looking for Geogia peach to add to the collection. --Curmudgeon

Zoë said...

Fabulous Daylily, I am never quite sure whether I like Heucheras though, I think they are growing on me (not literally)


Helen said...

What lovely colours

Anonymous said...

what wonderful colours chey,

Laura said...

Your photos are beautiful! I may have to try that Heuchera in my garden; the color is awesome!

Sheila said...

Good luck on your heuchera. I don't have too much luck with them here. It is a beauty!

Esther Montgomery said...

The colours really are lovely - and the way you are doing close ups.

Hope you get your macro-lens.

(I'm reading these latest two posts backwards!)


chey said...

Curmudgeon~~The peach color glows in the garden like a neon mango.

Zoe~~You made me smile:). The heucheras have definitely grown on me. I really like their delicate flower sprays, and some more than others.

Helen,Karen,and Laura~~Thanks so much!

Sheila~~Thanks. I hope this one is as hardy as the others in my garden. Sorry to hear that they don't do well for you.

Esther~~Thanks. It might just happen:).