Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Dandelion Seeds


Breanne said...


Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Lovely pissabed. Why is it that in a photo they look fascinating. But when I see them in my yard they just make me cranky? Loved the post about the bird nests.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Almost makes me think "what fun could be had here ?" LOL

chey said...

Breanne~~Thanks! They are quite beautiful up close.

Curmudgeon~~I've never heard of "pissabed". I think my neighbors may feel cranky as well when they see the seeds drifting their way:).Thanks for the comment on the bird nest post...still only one robin with all those nests.

Joy~~I hear you;).I tried to get a shot of my son blowing the seeds, but we couldn't quite get coordinated to blow and shoot at the same time.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I've only said it a hundred times in the past few weeks, but I think dandelions are just...dandy! Even when they've gone to see, they're still the most unique little blooms!

ChrisND said...

Isn't there something about making a wish and blowing? Of course it won't work on the computer screen. We have to go to our own yards and do it. :-)

Good Acres said...

Nice shot and I like the tiny remnant of the yellow flower peeping through. Great photo! -- Good Acres

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo - there is something quite magical about dandelion clocks. Shame about the dandelions they produce next year.

Marie said...

A lot of beautiful photos lately!

Zoƫ said...

We used to spend hours as children blowing these to work out what time it was. Lovely photo.

Linn said...


Luckily we don't have many neighbors. Otherwise I think we would get quite a lot of complaints regarding the dandelions. I think they are quite fascinating especially close up like here.

For several years I was working on a photo project where I took black and white photos of - dandelions. People used to look a bit skeptic when I told them about the project but it came out quite nice in the end.

chey said...

Nancy~~I agree, just dandy:)).

Chris~~If wishing works, I'm going in search of a field of dandelions. Yes if you can, please resist blowing on your computer screen:).

Good Acres~~Thanks! You have a good eye! I noticed the yellow only after I took the shot.

Karen~~Ah yes, even more dandelion clocks!

Marie~~Thanks for stopping by.

Zoe~~Thanks so much. We loved this activity as children as well.

Linn~~Wow, a whole book devoted to dandelions...I'll bet it is fascinating, especially done in black and white.