Monday, June 23, 2008

Crabapples Forming

Crabapples in bloom.crabapples
crabapplesOrnamental crabapple blooms, nearly spent but just as interesting with their stamens reaching skyward.If you look closely you can see the little fruit forming. These are yet another of Landsdowne's tiny treasures.


Zoƫ said...

I was looking at this and thinking, it seems like ages since I posted pictures of crab blossom, so I went back to check how long ago.....

9th April! Isnt just amazing how much our seasons vary?

Best wishes,


chey said...

Zoe~~The difference is totally amazing! Our gardening season is really just beginning.

Nancy J. Bond said...

We're about two weeks ahead of you here in the Valley, Chey. Our blooms are long gone and the tree just off the balcony is at its very greenest right now...the heat and drought always make it lose some leaves by mid-summer. But it, too, forms tiny little apples that are a gorgeous burgundy in the fall, even though they're only the size of a cherry. :)

Meng Yee said...

The picture you took is so cool