Thursday, June 12, 2008

In The Pink

Pink is one of my favorite colors in the garden, second to lavender.I love these two colors combined with orange for a splash of brilliance. Blue eyed pink daylilies are some of my favorites, and I was pleased to discover double blooms on this daylily Free Bird today.
My pink rhododendron is starting to bloom, and within a few days should be covered with flowers.


joylous said...

really nice

Nancy J. Bond said...

The rhododendrons are just starting to show a hint of color to come here in Windsor. Or, I should qualify that -- here on the much neglected property of my apartment building. There's a deep pink, like the one you pictured, and a light lavender, that continue to bloom despite the lack of care. :) Your lilies are gorgeous!

Kittie said...

great garden
Nice rhodondendrons. Mine are wonderfull now in Paris

chey said...

Joylous and Kittie~~Thanks so much for the comments!

Nancy~~Thanks Nancy! I'm glad to hear that you have some plantings on the property. Rhododendrons seem to do very well in our climate.

Anonymous said...

i love pink too. i love lilies as well
great shots

chey said...

Karen~~Thanks so much!