Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Soloman's Seal

A wonderful woodland plant, Soloman's Seal flourishes in a shaded country garden. I love the hanging cream and green tinged blooms.


Dave said...

Nice pictures of Solomon's seal! I've always thought it was an interesting plant with its arched stems and the flowers on the underside of the plant. I picked up a few this year at a plant exchange, not all have made it yet but a few will and they will spread.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Beautiful, Chey!

Laura said...

You always post such beautiful pictures!

I planted a Variegated Solomon's Seal at my Mom & Dad's about 12-15 years ago- it is doing beautifully! In fact, I think I need to dig up some to plant at my house!

Zoë said...

I love these too, and your photos are wonderful,they feel the cool and shaded.


chey said...

Dave~~Thanks! They are very interesting. This is a mature plant growing at my parents woodland cottage.Hope a few of your plants make it!

Thanks Nancy and Laura~~Sounds like a good idea Laura!

Zoe~~Thanks so much! It was a cool shaded area, and I always try to take pictures without bright sunlight...it's a daylily thing:).