Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dewy Morn

lady's mantle
ladys mantle
These dewy mornings never cease to amaze me. Looking closely at the plants, I'm always able to discover fabulous crystal like droplets of water, seemingly precisely placed like works of art. Quickly formed, and just as quickly evaporated, but thankfully captured, on camera.


GardenJoy4Me said...

It all comes down to the right place and the right time .. right ? LOL
Gorgeous pictures .. my favorite time of the day to take them too !

Connie said...

Nice photos. There's something magical about those early morning hours.

chey said...

Joy~~Right! Wait a few minutes, and you might miss it.

Connie~~Thanks for stopping by. I agree...those early morning hours can be magical. It's also so peaceful at that time of day.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Walk me out in the morning dew my honey; Walk me out in the morning dew today...

I'm probably the only one old enough to remember these Robert Plant lyrics. :) The rising and setting of the sun are always the loveliest times of day for photos...and most other things as well. :) Nice shots.

ChrisND said...

I guess when you said "crystal like droplets" was more elegant than me running inside to announce "look at the pretty sparkles in the grass". Nice pictures - I recently realized the magical quality the dew can give plants in the morning. Then and after the rain.