Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweet Smelling Centaurea Montana

centaureaHave you ever taken a sniff of Centaurea Montana? The blooms have a wonderful sweet fragrance, which for me bring back fond childhood memories of summers in rustic Newfoundland, where they grew wild in the meadows and along the streams.

Centaurea Montana is a perennial cornflower with single flower heads, as opposed to the annual cornflower which has many flower heads. It readily escapes from gardens, and grows freely in open meadows and woodlands.

If you haven't yet taken a sniff of this wonderful bloom, I encourage you to give it a try. You won't regret it. Look closely at the bloom first however, as bees love them too:)!


Nancy J. Bond said...

Gorgeous! I can't say I've ever smelled their fragrance, but I'll be sure to now. They ARE bee magnets!

Karen said...

Lovely pictures! They grow very fast too!

Niels Plougmann said...

They are pretty - but they are a very persistent, perennial weed around here. But you know what they say --one mans weed another .... I had no idea they smelled nice, since I am so busy deadheading them so they will not selfseed! Have I really gotten too busy to smell the flowers?

chey said...

Nancy~~You will definitely have to take a sniff. They are scrumptious.

Karen~~Thanks very much! That they do.

Niels~~Thanks for your comment! You must take note of the scent. It's subtle, yet wonderful. Perhaps not as obvious to some since it is so subtle.

KRK said...

Thanks for the reminder. These were a childhood favorite of mine, too, also for the scent. I didn't know their true name until recently, since we always called them "canned peaches," which is what they smell like.

hugodn said...

the smell to me is lactonic (peach)- going to jasmone, wonderful!

hugodn said...

to me the smell is lactonic(peach) - jasmone, wonderful!