Monday, July 14, 2008

Astilbe Snowflakes

When viewed from above, astilbe has the semblance of soft pink feathery snowflakes.astilbe
Astilbe, also known as false spirea, is a perennial shade loving plant.I grow a number of varieties in shade and sun,and they seem to do well in both locations.
My favorite is this early, soft pink variety.astilbe

Some Astilbe have a scrumptous sweet fragrance, while others seem to have no fragrance at all. The light pink variety (name unknown) has such a strong smell that it wafts throughout the garden, and when I'm gardening near it I'm drawn to take a closer sniff. astilbe
Astilbe makes a wonderful addition to the perennial border, and will always have it's place in my garden.astilbe


Nancy J. Bond said...

Absolutely gorgeous shades of pink! And you're right -- they do look like snowflakes! :)

maria said...

Thank you so much for all those great pictures of astilbes.

Love them.


Cindy said...

I just love astilbes and your pictures really make them look beautiful. I tried growing them once in my former garden and they were total water hogs. This garden gets too much sun I think for me to be able to grow them well. Yours however look very happy!

Anonymous said...

The pink one is lovely - I didnt know you could get scented ones!
An Artists Garden

chey said...

Nancy~ Thanks very much! That's the first thing I thought of when I looked at them through the camera lens:).

Maria~Thanks so much for stopping by.

Cindy~Many of ours grow in full sun, however here in Nova Scotia it usually doesn't get too hot in the summer, so that may be easier on them.

Karen~I have two that are highly scented, and others that are not scented at all.