Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden Whites

Highbush Cranberry
Hosta with a lot of white coloration
Highbush Cranberry
Bridle Wreath Spirea in Landsdowne

I don't have a lot of whites in my garden, although I do appreciate the pure and simple look of white blooms. They tend to draw the eye like beacons of light, and offer a bright spot wherever they grow. Someday I may do an all white many plans, so many dreams:).


Sheila said...

Beautiful pictures! I love white flowers and am working on my all-white garden. I think they add 'sparkle' to a garden and glow in the moonlight!

Anonymous said...

These whites are lovely
I like white plants too
An Artists Garden

Jean Bradbury said...

These are beautiful photos. I had been loving cream and pale yellow flowers this year but your pictures remind me of the joys of pure white.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Your whites are all lovely. I'm not a huge fan of whites in the garden either, but they are lovely for contrast and edgings. There's a bridal wreath hedge along one side of the apt bldg property and it was absolutely stunning this year, covered in white blooms against thick, green foliage.

chey said...

Sheila~~They definitely add sparkle!


Jean~~I love creams and pale yellows as well.I think pure whites are difficult to find.

Nancy~~Sounds like you have some wonderful plantings around your building!

Connie said...

Wonderful whites! I also have plans to do a white garden....someday.

Zoƫ said...

I have used white a lot at the front where its almost all shade, it certainly helps brighten the area by the front door.

Love your whites, what is the botanical name for the plant you refer to as High Bush Cranberry? It's very like a Viburnum, and I wondered if I could grow it here(that's if I can find it)

Jane Marie said...

My dream is to have a moon garden, separate from the main garden, but I don't think my husband will agree to give up one more bit of space. I don't care for too much white in the garden but it is necessary to set off some of the colors.

speak in doodles said...

I love your photos! Especially the Campanula shot.
inspirational cartoons ^_^

chey said...

Connie, Jane Marie, And Speak In Doodles~~Thanks for your comments!

Zoe~~You are right! The Highbush Cranberry is a North American native shrub, botanical name viburnum trilobum. This is my mom's specimen in Landsdowne Nova Scotia, and produces beautiful berries for the wildlife in the fall.It's well over 12ft tall.

Meems said...

Very nice whites, Chey. I adore the use of whites in my garden especially against the deep greens that work so well with them in the shade.

What would gardening be without all those plans and dreams?
meems @Hoe&Shovel

chey said...

Meems~~I totally agree:).