Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hairy Bloomers In The Garden Today

Black Eyed Susan~almost ready to burst open.
Geranium Buds

{Please click on the pictures for a closer look at the hairs}.

I only recently realized how hairy some plants are, since getting up close and personal with the blooms. I am amazed at how intricate those little hair structures actually can be. The hairs serve a multi functional purpose, which includes protection from solar radiation and sunburn, protection from frost, protection from hungry herbivores, breaking airflow to prevent evaporation from the surface of the plant,and accessing much needed moisture from the air. Smart little bloomers:).


Amy said...

Great photos! I love my hairy bloomers :) So nice and tough in the dry air and heat, they can't be beat!

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures

kd said...

Wonderful pictures! What kind of camera do you use, if you don't mind me asking?


chey said...

Amy~ Thanks! Gotta love them:).

Karen~ Thanks so much.

Krys~ Thanks! I use both my old reliable Canon Digital Rebel 300D, as well as my newer 450D. They are both great cameras.

kd said...

Aha! Digital SLR's! I'm using a Canon Power Shot S3 which has macro as well as a fully manual mode but still find it really difficult to get really sharp close-ups. I haven't quite figured out yet if it's me or the camera :)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Ya can't like hairy bloomers! Hee! Great shots.

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Oooo! So fuzzy and cute! I really like how you've captured the fuzz so clearly.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

ChrisND said...

I like the hairy blooms...I always have to feel a leaf of Black Eyed Susan when I walk by in our garden. It's interesting how they can get such benefit from those little hairs.