Friday, July 18, 2008

Hosta Blooms

Hostas are appreciated for their wonderful foliage. I also enjoy their spikes of bell shaped lavender blooms, combined with pinks and oranges in the garden.

These particular blooms are on a large leafed blue variety. It's a monstrous plant, and the blooms are so pale that they seemed insignificant. Then I stopped and took a closer look. They are the palest shade of lavender, and actually quite beautiful.


Eve said...

Lately, I am starting to do the same thing. I think it is this new camera, I have been begging my DH for. It has a really great close up feature and I am walking around looking at everything with a new eye. When I get it, I will be ready for my close ups. : )
I saw some tiny little flowers that always grow by my mailbox each year, When I looked at them up close, they are the most complex little things.

guild-rez said...

Love your macro shots of the flowering hosta.
Very nice...