Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hemerocallis~Oceans Eleven

Daylily Oceans Eleven, Petit 2004. Blue is a color that's difficult to achieve in daylilies ~ can you see it in the eye? Perhaps more of a purple, however in the right light it's definitely there. Please pardon the missing pollen:).


Jane Marie said...

Oceans Eleven is wonderful. How I love daylilies. I am on a high everyday now, just looking at what's new!

Sheila said...

Just gorgeous! I'll be looking for that one!

IBOY said...

Wow... that's a beauty!

Nancy J. Bond said...

That is absolutely beautiful! Love the name, too. :)

ChrisND said...

I know you're in Canada, but that's almost a red, white, and blue combination. Happy Canada Day 3-days late :-)

chey said...

Jane Marie~~I know just how you feel:).Once the daylilies start blooming, the anticipation gets me out of bed and into the garden early in the morning just to see what's new.

Sheila and Don~~Thanks , it is a beauty!

Nancy~~Daylilies have the coolest names:).

Chris~~You're right! Happy July 1st!!!