Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Pollen Feast

Asiatic Lilies
Outstretched stamens loaded with pollen.
Most people are not interested in pollen. Many are not impressed by it's effects.
If you do a little bit of hybridizing you are probably very keen about pollen, and the pollen eaters are your competition:).I always save some for them, but try to harvest mine before it's all gone. I use daylily pollen, but got a good shot of these little fellows with the Asiatic Lilies. They don't seem to be selective.

This little fellow has stripped his stamen bare.


I likE plants! said...

Great macros! Great post!!

Anna said...

I work part time for garden centers around the area and you can always tell when a customer has been sniffing the lilies;) Great pictures!

chey said...

Eric~ Thanks! It's sometimes hard to get a clear shot~ even the slightest movement causes blurring. These little guys were so busy eating, they didn't move too much:).

Anna~ Hey, I think I've had one of those lily noses before:). Thanks so much for the visit!

guild-rez said...

Wonderful pictures..
Thank you for your comment about Cicadas.
With a 17-year Cicadas cycle they are easy to miss.
This year Cicadas have emerged but not many can be seen in our area.
Listen to the high pitch of insects.
Thank you for your visit.
-Cheers from Toronto

ChrisND said...

I like the lilies because you can get up close like that and see the pollen...great pictures. We have a yellow garden path where the dill pollen is now falling (partially from our dog).